Cytotoxicity Testing

Cytotoxicity Testing USP <87>, ISO 10993-5
Cytotoxicity testing can be useful as a screening tool for pharmaceuticals before more extensive toxicological testing is performed. Additionally, cytotoxicity testing can be used for quality control purposes for lot release testing of raw materials or of manufactured drug products.

Cytotoxicity tests are designed to determine the toxicity to cells of compounds either qualitatively. Qualitative cytotoxicity tests offered by MicroMed Labs are the MEM Elution Test, the Direct Contact Test, and the Indirect Contact Agar Diffusion Test. Guidelines for cytotoxicity testing are based on ANSI/AAMI/ISO 10993-5 and USP <87> and <88>.

Turn Around Time (TAT)

Code Test Description TAT
CY-002 Cytotoxicity Testing-MEM Elution, USP, Duplicate 7 – 10 days
CY-004 Cytotoxicity Testing-MEM Elution, ISO, Triplicate 7 – 10 days
CY-006 Agar Overlay, USP, Duplicate 7 – 10 days
CY-007 Agar Overlay, ISO, Triplicate 7 – 10 days
CY-008 Direct Contact, USP, Duplicate 7 – 10 days
CY-009 Direct Contact, ISO, Triplicate 7 – 10 days